5 Advantages of a Centralized Leasing Structure

What good is a 200-unit apartment building if you can only keep three-quarters of it rented out at a time? For multifamily property managers, occupancy is war and leasing agents are the tip of the spear in the constant battle for strong vacancy numbers. In a recent installment of “Knock Talk,” we asked Nichole Granquist, Director...
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Search Engine Optimization Basics for Multifamily

SEO for Multifamily Property Managers: A Simple Primer Search Engine Optimization isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. The trouble is, the pool of SEO expertise is deep and wide. For the uninitiated, it’s hard to know where to begin. Rather than throw you into the deep end, we’ve chosen to write up this simple primer. You...
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Top Takeaways from MICA 2019

The inaugural MICA conference was held last week in Atlanta, GA — bringing together a unique group of industry thought leaders to discuss how new technology will impact the future of the multifamily industry. In an industry notoriously slow to embrace new technologies, the energy of those that attended was inspirational. Emerging innovations in tech...
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Perfecting the Multifamily Customer Experience

Personalized services, on-demand delivery, and one-click purchasing are changing the ways customers interact with brands and their expectations, but what do these experiences have in common? They put customer need at the center of the experience design with the goal of delivering premium, differentiated service. As customers become increasingly more accustomed to the likes of...
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How to Drive Referrals with Micro-Influencers

With organic reach shrinking on social channels, brands are relying on other ways to amplify their marketing campaigns and build credibility. Research has shown that prospects trust referrals over brand claims and this is especially powerful for multifamily, where the most trusted source of information on multifamily communities is referrals from friends and family. Brands...
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3 Must-Watch Metrics for Multifamily Managers

Multifamily Managers – Focus on These 3 Must-Watch Metrics As the multifamily industry continues to adopt more sophisticated technology solutions, it faces an inevitable problem: too much data and not enough organization. At OPTECH 2018, Tim Bruss of Hamilton Zanze said it best, “…we are swimming in data.” A practical strategy to data management will...
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