Knock Talk Ep. 5 w/ Jennifer Chestnutt of Griffis Residential — CRM and Chatbot

We sat down with Jennifer Chestnutt, Director of Digital Marketing, to talk about the future of multifamily technology and how Griffis is approaching the ever-evolving customer experience that they deliver to renters.

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“My name is Jennifer Chestnutt, I am the Director of Digital Marketing at Griffis Residential. The way that we learn about new technology and whats out there, is we do a lot of looking at what is our own industry doing? We look at our industry leaders — but I also really believe in looking at other industries. One for us was Tesla — looking at the way that they sell their cars and how frictionless it is and how simple it is to just put a few pieces of information in and get to that next step. That’s really inspiring for our team — we really focus on that customer experience. Our motto at Griffis Residential is “It’s all about you” — and we want to think about that customer experience. Are we making it hard to do business with? And how can we make it simpler?

So when we were looking at Knock, we absolutely evaluated all of the other tools that were out there. I am a bit of an obsessive researcher, so we made sure that we were really saying, “Okay, what else is out there? What else integrates with our property management software? And what else has the things that we were looking for?” We had a nice little checklist of all of our must-haves and our nice-to-haves — and Knock checked all the boxes.

Prior to Knock, prior to having a CRM, the way that we were attributing leads was we were just asking people. And so we knew we needed better data, and we knew we needed a better way to automate this and put some computer science behind it. With the CRM tool and the reporting, we started actually getting good data on our advertising. So we started looking at our cost-per-lease, and we were able to identify what a metric should be for cost-per-lease, and then we were able to start making changes to our advertising spend.

Looking at our Q1 vs Q1 data YoY, we were able to cut over 23,000 unqualified leads while still increasing our occupancy by 8 basis points.

So when we implemented the Knock chatbot, we looked at our data for Q1 2018 vs Q1 2019 — and what we found was that we had over double the number of leads that came in via that chat. And then with that, we also looked at the number of leases we were able to convert and we were at 365% more leases that we got from using that chat function.

But in addition, we are freeing up our teams from these unqualified leads that they were following up with over, and over again and nobody was responding. We want to send them leads that want to convert, so they can spend that time really working and building those relationships.”