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Social Media Ad Basics for Multifamily

The modern renter of today has greater access to information and media about your property than ever before. Prospects are pre-qualifying themselves and self-advancing down the funnel before they ever reach out to your community. A social media presence plays a critical role in creating a sense of competence, trust, and cementing a strong brand...
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How to Drive Referrals with Micro-Influencers

With organic reach shrinking on social channels, brands are relying on other ways to amplify their marketing campaigns and build credibility. Research has shown that prospects trust referrals over brand claims and this is especially powerful for multifamily, where the most trusted source of information on multifamily communities is referrals from friends and family. Brands...
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Cumberland Pointe’s occupancy jumps from 90% to 97%—with Knock

We had the pleasure of speaking with the Carter-Haston team at Cumberland Pointe in Noblesville, IN to better understand how they are utilizing Knock. We caught word that their occupancy had recently jumped from 90% to 97%, all while reducing their ILS channels and spend. So how is it possible to sign more leases while...
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The Multifamily Metrics That Matter

As multifamily continues to adopt more sophisticated technology solutions, it faces an inevitable problem: too much data and not enough organization. At OPTECH 2018, Tim Bruss of Hamilton Zanze said it best, “…we are swimming in data.” A practical strategy for data management and report distribution will prevent your organization from drowning in a sea...
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Knock Talk — Kristin Sanders & Nacho Diego on Leasing Team Performance

Kristin Sanders, Marketing & Training Director at Wesley Apartment Homes, along with Nacho Diego, share their insights on how Knock has improved their leasing team performance and given them the transparency they need to be able to assist their teams across their portfolio. “All communications in Knock stay in one place and it’s essentially a...
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Designing a Community Website That Converts

According to a study conducted by Google and, 7 out of every 10 apartment-seekers begins their search online rather than with an agent. Roughly the same number end up renting an apartment they find online. Surprised? We didn’t think so. For years, multifamily property managers have been trying to build community websites that cater...
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