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Streamline Your Marketing Initiatives with These 4 Effective Strategies

By: Sydney Webber, customer marketing manager @ Knock CRM Jumpstart your apartment marketing team’s momentum with these data-driven tips. Oftentimes in multifamily, marketing managers talk about many different strategies and initiatives that can eventually lead to a renter signing a lease. Although using a variety of marketing techniques can be effective, they tend to stop...
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How Multifamily Operators Achieve Data-Driven Portfolio Performance in 3 Steps

We analyzed billions of data points and found these three steps improve NOI.    An intelligent “front office” platform can help attract better prospects, increase conversions, and keep residents in their communities longer. But, more than anything, it should also provide you with multifamily analytics to ensure you’re meeting your performance goals. Knock is wholly...
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How to Create a Strategic Multifamily Tech Stack That’s Right for You

IN THIS ARTICLE How to Create a Strategic Multifamily Tech Stack What is a tech stack? Multifamily front-office and back-office software The right approach to your tech stack is a strategic one Do you actually need a tech stack? What are common tech stack goals in multifamily? How do companies use their tech stacks? WordPress...
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Lead Management Best Practices To Maximize Your Conversion Rates

By: Hanna Hilts, Customer Success Manager @ Knock CRM How Lead Management Software Can Turn Leads into Leases. To maximize your leasing conversion rate, marketers and property managers need to work together to use their budget effectively to generate high-quality leads, have the tools and processes to respond to leads in a timely manner, and...
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How apartment marketers exceed resident and onsite operational goals with “first mile marketing” (and Knock)

By: Paul Bergeron Authenticity, innovation, and collaboration, and how they apply to customer relationship management (CRM), website redevelopment, and peer-to-peer marketing was the focus for an AIM Reconnect Conference panel discussion of wide-ranging topics under “first-mile marketing”.   The webinar included Sarah Gencarella, Director of Marketing, Olympus Property; Amy Johnson, Director of Marketing and Sales...
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4 steps to take now to prepare for a crisis: How proptech can help your emergency preparedness plan

4 steps to take now to prepare for a crisis: How proptech can help your emergency preparedness plan By: Lauren Neal, Senior Training and Support Specialist, Knock CRM You never know when a crisis will hit and how severely it will affect your day-to-day operations or your residents. You do know that today is as...
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