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Multifamily Budget Season’s Ultimate Question: Want vs. Need

By: Paul Bergeron The 2021 multifamily budget planning season takes on added meaning given the unprecedented revenue and operations challenges created by Covid-19’s complications. Simply comparing year-ago budgets with current-year spending is wasteful – and waste is never a popular byproduct when it comes to budget analysis. Want vs. Need As is typical, for many...
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Celebrating Onsite Apartment Teams Today and Everyday

To all of our Knockstar users and all the people working on the front lines of multifamily keeping communities safe and helping people find and thrive in the places they call home – thank you.  
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6-Step Lead Management Strategy that Optimizes NOI

By: Lisa Tufano Is your CRM helping to grow your NOI? It should be. Otherwise it’s really just pretty, but likely expensive, pixels on a screen.  Investing in CRM, or any lead management technology, is a tremendous strategic undertaking and it needs to pay dividends. However, you don’t need to feel stuck under the weight...
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3 questions to guide your multifamily CRM strategy

By: Lisa Tufano TL;DR: Before you look into multifamily CRM solutions, consider these questions: How happy are my leasing teams with the tools we’ve provided today? Can we do better? How confident am I that I have fully maximized my NOI, or would I like to improve it further? Am I really meeting the modern...
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Knock partners with Zumper to deliver higher quality leads to customers

By: Stuart Bern Our goal at Knock is to maximize NOI for our customers. That is why we partner with multifamily’s most innovative companies – so we can better serve our shared customers to bring streamlined solutions that meet their needs, while improving workflow automation, and maximizing NOI. Creating these modern front office technology partnerships...
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Knock Talk: Ep. 10 Creating value for multifamily operators and properties

See how multifamily operators can take a new view on creating value and increasing NOI in this week’s episode of Knock Talk. with Steve Wunch, regional VP of sales, and Mitch Wettig, director of value engineering. Watch or read the full transcript below. See how Knock can grow your NOI. Transcript STEVE: Hello everybody! I...
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