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5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Multifamily

With over 214 million active users in the U.S. alone[1], Facebook has once again proven to be the most popular social platform and an absolute requisite channel for any successful multifamily marketing strategy. We have put together a list of 5 quick wins you can implement on your community’s Facebook page. 1. Optimize Your Existing...
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Knock’s Facebook Integration

Knock users love how easy it is to communicate with prospects in different and useful ways: Call, Email, SMS, Live Chat, and now you can engage prospects on Facebook, through Knock. Messenger Messenger is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. As of January 2018, 89% of U.S. internet users age 25-34...
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Knock — Text To Tour

Reed Dunn, Marketing Director at Blanton Turner, shares his experiences with Knock’s Text to Tour feature. “I put the text to tour message on [A-Boards], and we saw a huge spike in our traffic as a result of Text to Tour.” — Reed Dunn, Marketing Director Featured Company Blanton Turner Featured Properties Waterton Apartments Cora...
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Knock Talk — Reed Dunn on Customer Expectations in Multifamily

Reed Dunn, Marketing Director at Blanton Turner, shares his thoughts on current and future trends in the Multifamily Property Management industry. He explains how Blanton Turner is ahead of these paradigm shifts and how Knock CRM allows them to be available to potential renters 24/7. “[Knock] is a 24-hour tool…so we don’t have to have...
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NRED improves lead-to-tour conversion by 2.5x with Knock

Amy Siebert, VP Sales & Marketing with Nolan Real Estate Services, met with Knock at the AIM Conference in May of 2016 about ways to improve prospect and resident engagement across their 6,500-unit portfolio. A demo convinced her of the Knock communication platform’s potential not just to meet Nolan’s ambitious engagement targets, but to blow...
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WestCorp reduces call center costs by 30% with Knock

Emily McCann, Vice President of Marketing for WestCorp, was evaluating CRM platforms to replace their existing provider. Committed to a phenomenal customer experience, Emily sought a technology provider that would satisfy the customer service expectations of modern renters. In her initial product review she was impressed by how Knock empowers prospects to engage with communities...
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