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Knock Talk Ep. 6 w/ Nicole Samson of Carter-Haston

We sat down with Nicole Samson, Regional Vice President at Carter-Haston, to talk about how she utilizes Knock Insights to quickly identify and correct performance issues across her region. Featured Community — Cumberland on Church  Featured Company — Carter Haston  — [Transcript] My name is Nicole Samson, I am a Regional Vice President for Carter-Haston....
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Multifamily SEM Campaign Optimization

In our last article, we looked at some of the basics of multifamily search engine marketing (SEM): The Shape of an SEM Campaign Foundational Keyword Research Bidding Terms & Strategy How to Write Ad & Landing Page Copy At the close of that article, we mentioned that SEM is both an art and science. Having...
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Knock Talk Ep. 5 w/ Jennifer Chestnutt of Griffis Residential — CRM and Chatbot

We sat down with Jennifer Chestnutt, Director of Digital Marketing, to talk about the future of multifamily technology and how Griffis is approaching the ever-evolving customer experience that they deliver to renters. — Featured Company Griffis Residential Featured Communities Griffis Union Station Griffis North Union  “My name is Jennifer Chestnutt, I am the Director of...
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Introducing Knock Now

At Knock, we work every day to deliver a product that maximizes revenue for our customers. This requires insight and tools that optimize performance at every phase of the sales cycle: attract, convert, and retain. We first broke into the multifamily scene by introducing the power of self-scheduling to attract and convert leads more efficiently....
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Multifamily Search Engine Marketing Basics

If you’ve been a multifamily property manager for more than 10 minutes, then you know how important the web is to attract new renters. Chances are, you know Google factors into that equation, and you’ve read a blog or two about SEO. But piping in organic traffic isn’t all Google can do for you. In...
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The Presence, Care, Growth Model of Multifamily Property Marketing

Guest Blog by SOCi — Whether you have 10 or 100 multifamily properties under management, every community can benefit from a localized approach to social media marketing and advertising. Not only does this approach help to attract qualified leads, and create loyal residents, but it can also help boost your NOI. A SOCi study revealed...
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