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18 tips for how to do video tours

By: Paul Bergeron Pre-pandemic, live-video, in-person apartment tours were something that some properties offered to set themselves apart from the competition.   Today, knowing how to create a compelling virtual tour is crucial to modern front office success. “The pandemic has let our customers know that apartment communities are capable of this level of service...
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5 Advantages of a Centralized Leasing Structure

What good is a 200-unit apartment building if you can only keep three-quarters of it rented out at a time? For multifamily property managers, occupancy is war, and leasing agents are the tip of the spear in the constant battle for strong vacancy numbers. In a recent installment of “Knock Talk,” we asked Nichole Granquist,...
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6-Step Lead Management Strategy that Optimizes NOI

By: Lisa Tufano Is your CRM helping to grow your NOI or net operating income? It should be. Otherwise, it’s (probably) really just pretty, but likely expensive, pixels on a screen.  Investing in CRM, or any CRM lead management technology, is a tremendous strategic undertaking, and ultimately, it needs to pay dividends. Picking the best...
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13 ideas for how to conduct recorded virtual tours

By: Paul Bergeron Apartment operators spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours training their onsite leasing professionals to help them market multifamily apartments. One of the newest ways to market apartments is via filmed real estate video tours. Faced with the new normal of offering variable virtual leasing tours, there’s no reason to rely...
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27 unexpected apartment leasing and operational tips and trends from the Apartment All Stars

From banana peels and automated messages to Insta-worthy backdrops and resident recruitment, these are the tips you probably haven’t heard before from Apartment All Stars Lisa Trosien, and Kate Good as presented from Apartmentalize 2021.   By: Paul Bergeron In only one hour, Apartment All-Stars, Lisa Trosien, ApartmentExpert, and Kate Good, Huntington Residential, shared best practices...
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(Case Study) Integrations, Insights, Impact: How GoldOller Modernized Leasing Operations with Knock

By: Meg Cressey, copywriter @ Knock CRM With more than 16,000 units under management, Philadelphia-based GoldOller crosses their T’s and dots their I’s when it comes to vetting new tools. “We use software to the fullest,” shares Michelle Cornelison, director of training and development. Cornelison, who has been with the company since its founding in...
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