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Knock has become the fastest growing CRM for multifamily property management companies by enabling them to exceed leasing goals.

Customer Testimonials

We’ve seen great success with Knock in both portfolios! Knock helped us lease up our Hyde Park portfolio from 66% to 95% this season, a great CRM solution that aided us in reaching our goals.

Nichole Granquist
Pioneer Acquisitions

Knock is a 24-hour tool, so we don’t have to have 24-hour phone service. Knock can provide the opportunity for our potential renters to book tours when they’re ready to book tours.

Reed Dunn
Blanton Turner

Using analytics with Knock is amazing and extremely helpful! I can see what is happening at every property and with every agent, in real time. I can help manage the team without breathing down their neck. Also, sharing reports with ownership is very valuable, especially during lease ups!

Tracy Atkinson
Goodman Real Estate

Love how I can see the number of people that have looked at any of my listings – gives me insight as to what’s actually going on. Also, I really like the ability to confirm appointments via a text on Knock – super convenient. Knock is FANTASTIC!

Gabby Garcia
Westwood Residential

I manage my ads and content in one place, and it powers scheduling on Craigslist, my webpage, and all the popular ILS sites. There is no way I could effectively manage my marketing of this number of units and generate as many qualified tours without Knock.

Alexander Freet

I was worried online scheduling would be a less personalized experience, but it’s actually been the exact opposite! Texting with prospects from my Knock account has been huge – far superior to emails which feel less personal and get lost in inboxes. I’ve developed much more personal connections with prospects before tours.

Cameron Hollingshead
Blanton Turner

Best thing any management company could do is bring on Knock!

Ashlee DeWalt
Southstar Management

In all of my years, I believe y’all are the first company that has stayed true to any road-map timeline ever presented to me…hats off to you all!

Ashley Allen
Carter-Haston Real Estate

Folk’s appreciate the superior product and outstanding customer service you provide to all of us at Davis Development!

Lee Little
Davis Development

We LOVE Knock technology! The residents are loving the texting option and are responding 100 times better than traditional phone calls. Following up with prospects is much easier for the agents and also easier for managers to ensure that all agents are following up with prospects properly. It’s a WONDERFUL system and I vote that we keep it forever!

Brandi Ricks
Case & Associates

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