The Award-Winning CRM For Multifamily

Knock streamlines the entire sales process – dramatically accelerating team productivity while presenting the insights needed to optimize performance.

Accurate Lead Source Attribution

Analytics Across Channels

From ILS to social media to paid search to organic campaigns, track every lead from every source accurately and easily.

Dynamic Source Tracking

Knock’s website tools can be integrated to power dynamic tracking number insertion and track the source of inbound website traffic from all campaigns.

Consolidated Analytics

By merging lead generation and CRM reporting into a single view, Knock shows where, when, and how leads have engaged with community content.

Inbound Lead Qualification

Automated Qualification Tools

No matter how leads contact you, tools like Knockbot automatically gather qualification information.

24/7 Immediate Conversion

With online 24/7 scheduling, give qualified leads the fast lane to come visit your property.

Lead Quality Measurement

By identifying the lead sources that generate the most qualified traffic to your leasing team, Knock enables you to invest in the most effective channels.

Lead to Lease Conversion

Cross-Channel Engagement

Knock tracks and captures chat, text, email, and phone on one platform – enabling you to view and manage all activity on a single screen.

Intelligently Prioritized Outreach

The to-do list prioritizes leads, simple communication tools make engagement easy, and tasks allow teams to stay on top of all follow-ups.

Lead Progression Tracking

Enabled by Knock’s deep integration with the multifamily tech stack, lead status is updated automatically with no manual input.

Resident CRM & Renewals

Resident Engagement Tools

Establish a regular outreach cycle to keep residents engaged with the community.

Total Communication Management

Knock enables mass messaging based on specific attributes and one-to-one engagement across email, phone, text and chat. All communication is saved and can be referenced later.

Resident & Renewal Reporting

Gain insight into the renewal pipeline by viewing resident engagement, upcoming renewals and percentage of residents that renew.

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