The CRM for Multifamily

Maximizing the value of every single one of your assets comes down to executing successfully at three key stages of the multifamily revenue cycle: Attract, Convert, & Retain. Knock provides the workflow tools and insights needed to improve outcomes at every stage and increase NOI.


Our marketing automation suite arms you with the lead generation, qualification, and attribution tools needed to build a strong sales pipeline. Leverage insights to understand your exposure, while maximizing your marketing investments.


Optimize your conversions at every sales stage with our award-winning CRM built exclusively for multifamily property managers. By automating tour bookings from your advertisements and website at the top of the funnel, and supporting engagement from phone, email, text, chat, & social media — your teams will never miss another lead again.


Reduce turnover by keeping residents engaged with targeted messaging and one-to-one engagement across email, phone, text and chat. Gain full transparency into your renewal pipeline with automated renewal notifications and resident engagement analytics.


You can only improve what you can measure. By providing analytics tools that uncover issues in your sales pipeline and recommend steps to increase sales efficiency, Knock’s Insights mitigate the negative impact of exposure on the performance of your assets.

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