Understand Every Prospect's Journey

Multi-site and multi-touch attribution is tough to get right. Knock provides the tools you need to track prospect activity across the web and document every contact with your community.

Measure with Multi-Touch Attribution

Track Leads From Every Source

Regardless of where leads originate – ILS, social media, paid search campaigns or elsewhere – now you can track them.

Track Events Across the Web

Knock shows the true customer journey, following prospects across ILSs, Facebook, Google and your website.

Attribute Leads to the Right Source

Measurement tools power dynamic tracking number insertion, ensuring that inbound traffic to the website is attributed to the right source and campaign.

Automate Lead Qualification & Conversion

Qualify Leads Uniformly Across Sources

Doorway standardizes lead information gathering across all digital channels and sources.

Qualify Leads with Knock’s Chatbot

Knockbot greets website visitors and automatically gathers key qualification information.

Enable 24/7 Immediate Conversion

Knock Now enables 24/7 online scheduling across the web. Give qualified leads the fast lane to come visit your property.

Know Which Channels Are Working

Understand Lead Generation

Know which sources are generating the most leads, how they are making contact, and which are the most qualified.

Establish and Compare Cost Benchmarks

Establish cost metrics on a per lead, per visit, and per lease basis, and see how your sources and channels compare.

Know Where to Adjust Budget

Once you have a clear picture of what is working and what is not, you can make educated decisions to optimize your marketing spend.

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