Understand Every Prospect’s Journey

Multi-site and multi-touch attribution is tough to get right. Knock provides the tools you need to track prospect activity across the web and document every contact with your community.

Accurately Capture Lead Source Data

Track Leads From Every Source

Regardless of where leads originate – ILS, social media, paid search campaigns or elsewhere – now you can track them.

Use Dynamic Tracking

Measurement tools power dynamic tracking number insertion, ensuring that inbound traffic to the website is attributed to the right source and campaign.

Pinpoint Lead Sources

Identify the sources driving leads across the full portfolio and down to the individual community.

Event Tracking & Multi-Touch Attribution

Track Every Path to Conversion

The customer journey is not linear. Prospects engage with communities in a variety of ways before becoming a lead.

Track Events Across the Web

Knock shows the true customer journey, following prospects across ILSs, Facebook, Google and your website.

Track Engagement Across Platforms

By understanding how prospects engage with content across all platforms, you can ensure they have what they need to convert.

Know Which Channels Are Working

Assess Awareness-Building Efforts

Driving qualified leads depends on understanding how they learn about and engage with the community.

Combine Web and CRM Reporting

See where, when and how leads have engaged with the community – all on one screen.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Instead of guessing which channels are really working for your community, get the clarity you need to create and execute effective marketing strategies.

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