Simple Engagement Tools Improve Conversion

Optimize your conversions at every sales stage with our award-winning CRM built exclusively for multifamily — your teams will never miss another lead again.

Sort Leads Quickly

Filter Leads Automatically

Residents and vendors are automatically removed from new leads lists.

Easily Gather Qualification Information

Guest Card enables you to manage leads more efficiently by organizing all information in one place.

Remove Unqualified Leads

Unqualified leads can be flagged and removed from the new lead pipeline.

Convert Leads Into Leases

Automate Conversions 

24/7 online scheduling dramatically simplifies conversion of qualified leads into tours.

Simplify Engagement with Qualified Leads

Prioritize leads with the to-do list, engage leads with simple communication tools, and use tasks to stay on top of all follow-ups.

Engage Across All Channels

By managing chat, text, email and phone on one platform, Knock captures all communication content and tracks team activity automatically.

Access Powerful Collaboration Tools

Enhance Information Sharing

With every customer conversation and scheduled tour recorded in one place, your team can work together to convert leads quickly.

Coordinate Next Steps with Engagement History

Knock enables you to engage the right way every time by coordinating next steps with in-line comments, tracked alongside a full engagement history.

Track Task Completion in Real Time

Assign leads and tours to team members and view completion of follow-ups in real time.

Measure Leasing Team Performance

Monitor Team Engagement

The engagement score measures overall responsiveness of the leasing team. A high engagement score correlates to more leases.

Track Pipeline Progression

View the total volume and percentage of leads that become qualified and convert to tours, applications and residents.

Manage the Pipeline

View expected leases based on the current lead pipeline and projected renewals.

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