Engage Prospects The Easy Way

Centralize multi-channel engagement — phone, email, text, chat, social media — into a single platform. Because these days your leasing team needs to be everywhere.

Prioritize Leads Intelligently

Sort Leads By Specific Criteria

The to-do list automatically sorts leads based on specific criteria set by your team, freeing your team to focus on the right leads every time.

Set Customer Reminders

Follow-up is critical to the sales process. Use customer reminders to make sure you stay on top of every conversation.

Monitor Team Engagement Scores

The higher your team’s engagement score, the happier their leads and residents. Look at portfolio properties and individual buildings in order to ensure that engagement is on point.

Easily Engage The Full Pipeline

Manage All Channels On One Platform

No matter how prospects wish to engage – via email, text, calls, chat, or social media – Knock enables you to receive, manage and respond to all communication on a single platform.

Utilize Powerful Communication Tools

Knock enables mass messaging based on specific attributes and one-to-one engagement across email, phone, text and chat. All communication is saved and can be referenced later.

Use Canned & Customized Response Templates

Get a jumpstart on common questions with canned response templates, or set up automatic replies with rules.

Access Powerful Collaboration Tools

Enhance Information Sharing

With every customer conversation and scheduled tour recorded in one place, your team can work together behind the scenes to convert leads quickly.

Coordinate Next Steps with Engagement History

Knock enables you to engage the right way every time by coordinating next steps with in-line comments, tracked alongside a full engagement history.

Track Task Completion in Real Time

Assign leads and tours to team members and view completion of follow-ups in real time.

Increase Conversions Through The Funnel

Track Performance Across The Customer Journey

Track key metrics like lead volume, cost per lead, and response time.

Access Critical Performance Metrics

Gain detailed insight into team and individual performance with powerful analytics.

Improve Goal Tracking

Meet occupancy goals by measuring expected leases and projected renewals.

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