Knock Now™

The most advanced tour-scheduling in multifamily

Scheduling tours used to take time, now it takes a click. With Knock Now™, prospective renters can book appointments on your calendar from anywhere online, using automation to make conversions easier than they’ve ever been.

More Tours. Less Effort.

Increase the metrics that matter with internet-wide scheduling.
Convert more visits

By streamlining communications, properties can enjoy an increase in tour volume up to 2.5x.

Fewer no-shows

Give prospects the ability to choose their own appointment times and they’re far more likely to show up. 

Accurate attribution

Get a better picture of where your foot traffic is coming from so you can make data-driven decisions.

Increase Team Productivity

Chasing down leads is time consuming. Knock Now is designed to change that.
Online scheduling

Prospects have real-time access to your property’s availability so they can book tours at a time that works best for them and you. 

Automated responses

Once tours are scheduled, your prospects automatically receive confirmation messages, freeing up more time for your other tasks. 

No duplicate guestcards

New leads merge seamlessly into Knock CRM so you won’t have to worry about counting the same lead twice.

Everyone Wins

Happy Prospects. Happy Partners. Happy Budgets.
Modern technology

Today’s consumers expect things at the click of a button. Give your prospects the top quality booking experience they deserve. 

Best-in-class integrations

Knock Now™ is integrated with the best lead gen sites in the industry. So no matter where your prospects go online to search for housing, Knock Now will be there. 

Free setup

Best of all? Sign up today and setup is completely free for Knock users. 

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