Engage Every Customer In One Place

Call, text, email, chat and social media — Knock gives your team instant access to all customer communication.

Call Prospects Within Knock

Track Conversations to the Source

By monitoring and recording where all of your phone traffic originates, Knock’s voice tools give you a detailed understanding of every conversation.

Continuously Improve the User Experience

Our inbound recording helps leasing teams discover new ways to provide a better experience.

Convert calls to text messaging.

Not all callers like to spend time on the phone. Knock allows prospects to convert a call into a text conversation immediately.

Texting Tools That Convert

Connect How Prospects Prefer

Text is the fastest-growing communication channel within Multifamily, across all age groups.

Offer Texting As a Preferred Option

Knock allows all prospects to text the community from every marketing source.

Convert Leads to Leases

Leads engaged via text consistently convert at a higher rate than traditional phone calls and emails.

Manage Email Quickly

Automated Responses Engage Immediately

All new leads immediately receive an email encouraging them to schedule a tour online.

Save Time with Mass Emailing

Mass email prospects and residents based on stage in the pipeline or by specific attributes.

Stay on Brand with Email Templates

Get a jumpstart on common questions with canned response templates, or set up automatic replies with rules.

Chat & Chatbot

Customers Expect Chat

64% of US consumers engage with businesses via chat on a regular basis.

Chatbot Works 24/7/365

Chatbots have been shown to answer 82% of inbound customer service questions when leasing agents are not available.

Easy to Deploy

Knockbot can be deployed with just a few lines of code and works for you 24/7/365.

Facebook Integration

Engage Prospects on Facebook Through Knock

Knock seamlessly integrates with Facebook features so that any time a prospect sends you a message, it will show up directly in your Knock account.


Whether they are on their laptop watching TV or using their mobile phone on the bus, Knock allows you to engage Facebook prospects whenever they want.

Lead Ads

When you integrate your Facebook pages with Knock, all Lead Ad submissions will be treated like any other lead within the Knock platform. Leads will immediately receive an auto-response via email, and your team will have access to all critical data.

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