Drive Performance with Detailed Reporting

Knock gives you unparalleled insight into your sales pipeline and team performance with the industry’s most detailed and accurate analytics.

Assess Ad Source & Lead Quality

Measure Lead Volume & Quality

Make more informed decisions with critical insight into lead volume and quality from all your marketing activities.

Set Cost Per Lead Benchmarks

By setting portfolio-wide benchmarks for cost per lead, you can identify the most efficient sources of leads and help keep the pipeline full.

Adjust Marketing Spend & Channel Selection

Knock enables you to deliver the best possible results by making it easy to assess and adjust your marketing strategy and channel selection.

Improve Onsite Accountability

Rate Your Engagement Performance

The engagement score measures overall responsiveness of the leasing team, bringing transparency to your operation.

Assess Engagement Across Your Portfolio

A high engagement score means happy leads and residents. Look across your portfolio or individual buildings in order to make sure that engagement is on point.

Assess Team Member Performance

See who’s bringing in traffic, who’s closing, and who needs to pick up the pace!

Increase Conversions Across the Funnel

Track Conversion Performance

See where you’re converting and where you aren’t – lead to tour, tour to application, application to resident, and resident to renewal.

Identify Key Performance Drivers

Dive into conversion data across the pipeline to understand where your team is performing, and where they may need support.

Focus on Pipeline Drivers

Improve the efficiency of your leasing organization with detailed insight into your sales pipeline.

Manage Exposure

Assess Resident Engagement & Renewal

Across your full portfolio, Knock provides key metrics on resident engagement and renewal rates, enabling you to determine the best retention strategies and practices.

Track Performance on Multiple Levels

Dive into performance at the community, unit, or leasing agent level to better manage exposure.

Rate Peer Performance

Identify which units, floorplans or agents are outperforming or underperforming their peers.

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