The Most Complete Picture of Sales Performance

Gain competitive advantage with real-time reporting on the metrics that matter most, including your team’s progress on meeting leasing and NOI goals.

Measure, Understand & Act

Understand Lead Generation

Know which sources are generating the most leads, when and where they are making contact, and see which are the most qualified.

Establish and Compare Cost Benchmarks

Establish cost metrics on a per lead, per visit, and per lease basis, and see how your sources and channels compare.

Know Where to Adjust Budget

Once you have a clear picture of what is working and what is not, you can make educated decisions to maximize your marketing spend.

Monitor Team Performance

Create Conversion Reports

Know the total volume and percentage of leads that converted to qualified leads, tours, applications, and residents.

Generate Your Engagement Score

The engagement score measures overall responsiveness of the leasing team. A high engagement score means happy leads and residents.

See Activity Reports

View follow-ups and engagement across portfolio and by individual to identity top performers.

Manage the Full Pipeline

View Exposure & Pipeline Reports

Chart expected occupancy based on current lead pipeline and projected renewals.

Benchmark Portfolio Performance

Compare portfolio performance against leasing goals to identify strong and weak assets.

Drill Down By Community

Assess individual asset performance against benchmarks and determine the appropriate actions to meet overall leasing goals.

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