Easy Deployment and Seamless Integration

A flexible CRM that integrates with key systems is essential to operational success. Knock connects seamlessly to your property management system, availability, pricing, calendars and more, while making ongoing management simple.

Simple Admin Tools

Control Your Marketing From One Place

Quickly create tracking numbers and emails for each channel, and easily keep track of marketing spend on a single screen.

Add & Remove Users

Easily keep up with team changes by adding and removing users, both at the onsite and management levels.

Customize What You Want

From messaging templates, to color schemes, to chatbot menus, you can easily keep your content on-brand across your portfolio.

Total Focus on Integrations

Integrations Are Our Priority

We know that integrating key systems is crucial to business success, so our team has invested heavily to make sure that we exceed integration expectations.

Comprehensive & Reliable

Our integrations support dynamic two-way syncing across a number of data points. We keep external systems up-to-date, and in real time – it just works!

Industry Partner

We partner with many property management systems to ensure that no matter the size or complexity of your portfolio, we have you covered – in one platform.

Trusted in Mulitfamily

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