At Knock, we have a #oneteam philosophy. A big part of bringing new capabilities to life is to continue to bring in exceptional talent that works together toward a common goal. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to build an amazing team that delivers real value to our customers each and every day.

Knock's Culture, Mission, Values & Behaviors

Having a mission and set of company values is more than just words up on a wall. We worked hard at figuring out what was important to us and how it could be reinforced in a meaningful way, from interviews to on-boarding to performance and how we recognize each other.

Mission: “Enable successful communities through innovative technology and superior customer service.”

Values: Determination, Excellence, Trust, Community

Hanging with the Knock Team

There are many ways to catch the Knockstars in action!

Happy Hours: We make these monthly events family friendly in order to bring together the extended Knockstar family.

Trivia Nights: We do this 1-2 times per month. We most certainly surprise each other with the random facts we know. How about those photo rounds?

Conferences: Within the multifamily industry we attend many events throughout the year. We try to make a splash at our booth, so come say hi! Maybe participate in a horse race?


Demetri Themelis

CEO & Co-founder

Tom Petry


Jennifer Haas

Chief Revenue Officer

Manjit Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Campbell

Operations & Risk Officer

Jim Birmingham

VP, Engineering

Jack Pritchett

VP Finance

Nicole Ossey

VP, People Operations


Madrona Venture Group

Fifth Wall

Lead Edge Capital

Seven Peaks Ventures

Second Avenue Partners

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