The CRM for Multifamily Property Management

Knock provides the tools multifamily property managers need to convert leads into prospects; prospects into leases; and leases into renewals.  We do it by gathering and reporting quality data, automating time-consuming tasks, and simplifying lead management so that you can engage the full pipeline with ease.

Solutions For Your Whole Team


Generate High-Quality Leads

Target with precision. Tailor messaging to your audience. Continually refine your marketing strategy with up-to-date analytics.


Gain Full Visibility Into Leasing Performance

Assess new lead volume. Monitor team activity. Manage the full pipeline with the industry’s most detailed and accurate analytics.


Manage the Full Pipeline with Ease

Sort leads faster. Engage with prospects and residents across all channels. Convert leads into leases, and residents into renewals.


Deploy Quickly & Manage Simply

Easily integrate with your property management system, availability, pricing, calendars, marketing channels, websites and more.

Integration Partners

  • Marketing with Knock is Amazing

    I manage my ads and content in one place, and it provides scheduling on Craigslist, my webpage, and all the popular ILS sites. There is no way I could effectively manage my marketing of this number of units and generate as many qualified tours without Knock.

    Alexander Freet
  • Far Superior

    Texting with prospects from my Knock account has been huge – far superior to emails which feel less personal and get lost in inboxes. I’ve developed much more personal connections with prospects before tours, and my leasing results have improved.

    Cameron Hollinshead
    Blanton Turner
  • Extremely Helpful

    Using Analytics with Knock is amazing and extremely helpful! I can see what is happening at every property and with every agent, in real time. I can help manage the team without breathing down their neck. Also, sharing reports with ownership is very valuable, especially during lease ups!

    Tracy Atkinson
    Goodman Real Estate

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