Success in Multifamily Leasing Performance

Our survey of 700+ multifamily professionals reveals top operational priorities and areas of friction — and illuminates paths to align frontline and front office goals, improve performance, and drive success.

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From case studies and e-books to research reports and templates, Knock® has the insights and resources multifamily teams need to succeed and grow.


Thies & Talle modernize the leasing journey and kick their customer experience into high gear with Knock

  • Saved 20 minutes of work per prospect per day
  • Saved training teams 10+ hours of work/week
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Allegiant-Carter Proves They’re a Luxury Brand & Reduces Fraud with the Most Innovative Touring Tech on the Market.

  • Increased visit-to-lease by 5%
  • Clarity into $13,666 worth of fraud costs per month
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How Knock's Onboarding Boosted Redwood Residential's Response Rates and Saved Teams Time

  • 5,000+ units
  • Follow-up rate of 89.8%
  • Reduced turnover to less than 20%
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The Value-Based Tech Buying Guide for Multifamily Marketers

Learn how to strategically evaluate tech products for their ability to add value to your organization and increase NOI.


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The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Leasing Agents ✨

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for Multifamily Teams

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AIM - Guide to Employer Branding

How to Sell Your Company Like You Sell to Customers: A Guide for Marketers to Collaborate with Recruiters

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Research & Templates

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The Value-Based Tech Buying Guide for Multifamily

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Success in Multifamily Leasing Performance: Aligning Frontline and Front Office Priorities

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The Value-Based Tech Buying Guide for Multifamily Marketers

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The Knock® Blog

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