Keep Leasing Teams On Task

Increase efficiency and drive NOI with a fun and gamified leasing experience that prevents prospects from falling through the cracks and helps onsite teams hit their goals.

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Task Management

Improve conversions with automation

Leasing doesn’t have to be complicated. With tens of millions of prospect interactions under our belt, we’ve turned the most critical leasing tasks into an automated dashboard, so property teams can focus on conversions without getting lost in task management.

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Task Management

Drive more leases with collaboration

Goals are reached faster when teams work together. With Knock®, teammates can have access to each other’s workstreams, inboxes, contacts, and calendars across properties — ensuring that work always gets done.

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Task Management

Improve what you measure

If you don’t have trustworthy metrics, how can teams ensure they’re hitting their goals? Our industry-leading analytics dramatically simplify goal-setting and performance management, making success come easy for property managers and even easier for leasing teams.

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Task Management

Success in Multifamily Leasing Performance

Our survey of 700+ multifamily professionals reveals top operational priorities and areas of friction — and illuminates paths to align frontline and front office goals, improve performance, and drive success.

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Success in Multifamily Leasing Performance Report

Features include

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Automated task list

A single dashboard automatically consolidates all daily tasks for leasing teams.

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Knock Engagement Score

Tune in to your team’s responsiveness via a daily score that combines all completed tasks.

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Performance tracking

With Knock Business Insights, management can dig deeper into follow-ups, conversions, engagement, and call logs — for individuals, teams, and regions.

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Team calendar

Quickly access and edit property schedules, tours, and team meetings.

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Real-time notifications

With notification bubbles, audible alerts, banners, and push alerts, leasing teams never miss a thing.

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Multi-team dashboard

Manage leads across multiple teams and communities from one convenient location.

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