Unparalleled visibility into leasing team activity

With benchmarking and performance trends that provide crystal-clear visibility into leasing team activity, leadership can give credit to high-performing teams and provide additional support where needed.

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Team Oversight

Hold teams accountable with benchmarking and performance trends

Knock® Performance Indicators (KPIs) separate each property into performance categories, helping leadership give credit to their Knockstars while providing additional support to the teams that need it.

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Team Oversight

A new way to monitor and train employees

With advanced drill-down reports, leadership can view and listen to individual team members’ communications, eliminating the need for additional secret shops and giving everyone a chance to get on the same page — all with a single click.

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Team Oversight

Get ahead of performance issues before they impact NOI

Knock’s Insights dashboard enables leadership to isolate the issues with one click and make changes before small problems impact NOI.

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Team Oversight

Success in Multifamily Leasing Performance

Our survey of 700+ multifamily professionals reveals top operational priorities and areas of friction — and illuminates paths to align frontline and front office goals, improve performance, and drive success.

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Success in Multifamily Leasing Performance Report

Features include

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Performance tracking

With Knock® Business Insights, management can dig deeper into follow-ups, conversions, engagement, and call logs — for individuals, teams, and regions.

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Team calendar

Quickly access and edit property schedules, tours, and team meetings.

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Multi-team dashboard

Manage leads across multiple teams and communities from one convenient location.

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Automatic task list

A single dashboard that automatically consolidates all daily tasks for leasing teams.

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Knock Engagement Score

Tune in to your team’s responsiveness via a daily score that combines all completed tasks.

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Fraud Exposure Report

See pass and fail rates for ID scans to know which properties have more fraud attempts and which employees are following scanning protocol.

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