Greater efficiency, better leasing

With Knock’s Centralized Leasing Suite, you can empower leasing agents to work from anywhere, keep high-quality leads inside your portfolio, and provide more opportunities for prospects to lease.

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Enable a centralized or remote workforce

Whether you’re running a centralized leasing model or enabling remote work options, our Centralized Leasing Suite allows you to build teams that convert prospects across your portfolio, no matter where they work.

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Generate the highest quality leads

Don’t let quality leads fall through the cracks when their perfect home is a sister property away. With Centralized Leasing, leasing teams can keep high-quality leads touring within the same portfolio by matching their preferences to available units across sister properties.

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Boost operational efficiency

Making a referral can be time-consuming, with leasing teams logging in and out of different properties and manually entering lead information. Our Centralized Leasing Suite can save time by enabling agents to schedule tours and send over completed guest cards for referrals, giving onsite teams at the referral property more time to focus on leasing.

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Success in Multifamily Leasing Performance

Our survey of 700+ multifamily professionals reveals top operational priorities and areas of friction — and illuminates paths to align frontline and front office goals, improve performance, and drive success.

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Features include

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Seamlessly refer prospects to and share guest cards with additional properties in the same portfolio, and schedule tours for them.

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360 Guest Card

Easily view prospects’ renting history across your portfolio.

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Field prospect calls anywhere with an internet connection with browser-based calling.

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Multi-property coverage

Enable leasing teams to cover calls across multiple properties.

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Schedule sister property tours

Streamline a referral straight into a booked tour, saving agents time and headache.

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No extra hardware required

Make and receive prospect calls in Knock®, no office phones needed.

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