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Ready to supercharge your tech stack? Knock modernizes the front office with our intuitive platform that creates efficiency across your organization, optimizing team performance with a customizable centralized leasing suite and enabling you to take control of your marketing dollars.

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Efficiency-boosting automation

Knock’s automation doesn’t just benefit your leasing teams: it also benefits your prospects. With 48% of prospects self-scheduling, this is a sure-fire way to scale your leasing efforts and provide a smoother customer experience for prospects.


Immediate prospect follow up

Regardless of which channel a lead converts from, prospects receive a customized email from your community with the opportunity to self-schedule their tour — all without needing to engage with onsite teams.

Knockbot chatbot

Knockbot is engineered to keep leasing pipelines filled with high-quality leads that convert faster. Give your prospects the ability to schedule a tour, view pricing and availability, and see answers to the most common leasing questions 24/7/365.

Intuitive prospect sorting

No need to waste time figuring out when, where, or who to follow up with. Our intelligent to-do list has that handled for your team, with the hottest prospects always at the top.

Centralized leasing

Work from anywhere with centralized leasing

Knock's Centralized Leasing Suite empowers leasing agents to keep high-quality leads inside your portfolio and provide more opportunities for prospects to lease from any location — all in one intuitive dashboard.


Centralized referrals

Seamlessly refer prospects to a sister community and schedule their appointment in three easy steps.

Browser-based calling

Never miss a beat with our Voice App, which allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection.

360 guest card

See the full picture of a prospect's history of visits and leases within your portfolio with our 360 guest card.

Call Intelligence

Optimize Team Performance

How can you work smarter, not harder? With our AI and intelligent calling features and team engagement score, it’s a lot easier than you think.


AI Voice

On average, 40% of leasing calls go unanswered — that is, until our fully integrated AI Voice agent came along.

Call Intelligence

Elevate your leasing experience, close more phone leads, and do away with expensive secret shops with Call Intelligence.

Engagement Score

Our engagement score provides a snapshot into team performance, so you don’t have to waste time determining if your teams are following up with those pricey leads.

Take back your marketing budget

Take Back Your Marketing Budget

Stop struggling to understand which lead sources are performing or where your budget is best utilized — Knock’s got you covered. Let us help you become the budget hero!


Ad Spend Report

Want to know how our customers save up to 7% on their marketing spend? Our ad spend report surfaces which sources are performing and which aren’t.

Marketing Attribution

Knowing where leads originate from is a must. We leverage dynamic number insertion and UTM tracking codes to ensure you know exactly where prospects are converting from.

Multi-touch Attribution

How many different sources do your prospects visit before they visit your community? Gain insight on prospects' journeys to your community with our multi-touch attribution report.

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Flournoy optimizes marketing strategy with Knock® Ad Spend Report

  • 5,200+ units
  • Response times decreased 4%
  • Prospect-to-visit increased 9%
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Scott Management increases closes, improves productivity with Knock’s Voice App

  • 4,380+ units
  • 28% increase in prospect-to-visit
  • 3% increase in responsiveness
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Edgewood and Vantage Management streamline data collection, analysis and reporting with Knock CRM

  • 30,000+ units
  • 100% engagement and attribution rate for prospects

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