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Hello Resident offers a scalable communication platform for personalizing customer interactions and improving sales and retention relationships with on-demand marketing collateral to post, share, or print.

Do you need to provide universal documents across your portfolio, but want to let teams personalize specific details? We do that! The Hello Resident software turns your custom marketing designs into fill-in-the-blank Smart Templates so you can scale one message to many properties. Imagine custom text and photo fields added to static graphic designs and an easy software interface to edit simple details. Interactive fields are mapped to each account’s contact information which is automatically populated. Genius! Users save time with pre-populated words, hot-button photos, and a gallery of more than 2,000 multifamily newsletters, notices, and flyers.

Product Benefits Complementing Knock:

Through our integration with Hello Resident, you can share professional, personalized collateral through your Knock dashboard with one click — ensuring all prospect communications are tracked in one place.


  • Digital multifamily marketing and advertising collateral creator.
  • Software-powered, design-inspired instant file transfers.


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