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Our tools for onsite teams create a fun and gamified leasing experience, driving leases and renewals and making teams 3x more efficient.

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Leasing Teams

Why Leasing Teams Heart Knock®

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Automated leasing dashboard

Leasing teams can automatically set follow ups and move leads through the leasing journey — ensuring prospects don’t fall through the cracks.

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Knock® Engagement Score

Our analytics surface a single metric that gamifies the leasing process, making it easy for agents to track performance, uncover coaching opportunities, and share wins.

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With Knock’s self-scheduling technology, leasing teams have more time to provide excellent customer service to residents and prospective residents.

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Real-time notifications

With notification bubbles, audible alerts, banners, and push alerts, leasing teams never miss a thing.

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Customer support live chat

Leasing teams have a question? Our live support chat is available on the same screen, so answers are just a click away.

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Automated task list

A single dashboard automatically consolidates all daily tasks for leasing teams.

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See what leasing teams have to say about Knock®

CARROLL Case Study
Knock® helps CARROLL focus on quality and performance
  • 32,500+ units
  • Response times increased 2.3x
  • Lead-to-lease rates up 6.7%
Living Well Case Study
Living Well improves leasing team performance with Knock®
  • 4,400+ units
  • Approved applications increased 45%
  • Closing ratio increased 46%
Scott Management Case Study
Scott Management increases closes, improves productivity with Voice App
  • 4,380+ units
  • Employee engagement increased 10%
  • Achieved prospect-to-lease rate of 15%