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MeetElise is a rapidly growing tech company based in New York City dedicated to modernizing apartment leasing and operations by using artificial intelligence to create an automated and self-service experience.

We’re using machine learning to address the underlying cause preventing significant advancements in rental housing: operational costs. By automating the leasing and management of apartment homes, we’re creating a new, low-cost operating model that allows for the development of new housing at scale.

Our team is building the future we want to live in. A future where housing is economical, powered by technology, and accessible to all.

Product Benefits Complementing Knock:

This integration allows multifamily communities using Knock to leverage MeetElise’s proprietary AI to handle communications with prospective renters, resulting in a more compelling prospective renter experience, improved lead conversion, and significant time savings for leasing agents.


  • AI - MeetElise uses conversational artificial intelligence across email, text, voice, and webchat as well as virtual and self-guided tours.


  • Prospect API
  • Scheduling API
  • Communication API