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PERQ’s AI Platform automates your lead management process for all your major lead sources, removing this responsibility from overworked onsite teams. The end result for the rental prospect is a personalized experience from your brand that is available 24/7/365. For you, in addition to doubling your tours, PERQ helps you optimize your advertising spend and gives you operational flexibility due to the time saved for your onsite teams.

Product Benefits Complementing Knock:

Our integration with PERQ enables customers to increase team efficiency and immediately reduce advertising spend due to increased website conversion.


  • INCREASE WEBSITE CONVERSIONS With PERQ, interactive experiences on your website engage and educate your leads while capturing important insights about their preferences.
  • 24/7 ASSISTANCE ACROSS CHANNELS PERQ has 3 leasing assistants that handle questions 24/7, using natural language processing to converse with your prospects, saving your team time and giving prospects a seamless experience across your website, via SMS and email.
  • OUTBOUND CROSS-CHANNEL NURTURE PERQ proactively reaches out to your leads with a personalized combination of SMS and email messages to entice and re-engage prospects at just the right times across their rental journey. Each touch offers a compelling CTA and the cadence and content adapts based on the information PERQ collects about them.
  • LEAD SOURCE INTEGRATIONS PERQ extends its power to your lead sources. With the power and flexibility to connect your lead sources via API technology or email parsing, PERQ works leads to conversion using our best-in-class nurturing approaches. Now you can nurture at scale without any work from your team.
  • INTELLIGENT HANDOFF TO YOUR LEASING AGENT PERQ knows just the right time to hand off the leads to the leasing agent and elegantly passes the lead, along with all the insights we’ve gathered into the CRM for the onsite team to work.
  • POWERFUL RENTER INSIGHTS & ATTRIBUTION PERQ collects insightful data, including full-funnel attribution tracking, to help your marketing team make important business decisions. With PERQ, your team is more informed with access to our PERQ reporting portal, automated reporting emails, and a super-charged Google Analytics account.


  • Prospect API
  • Scheduling API