Automate An Effective User Experience

Advance leads through the pipeline by engaging prospects and providing answers to the most commonly asked questions – automatically, 24/7.

Engage Prospects On-Demand

Leverage Technology

Eighty percent of all interactions between prospects and business will be automated by 2020.

Provide Essential Information

Answer prospects’ most common inquiries, including questions about rent cost, floor plans, current availability, photographs and community details.

Engage Consistently & Scale Effortlessly

Knock moves prospects down the funnel in a consistent, automated and scalable way by automatically answering their most common questions.

Power Up Your Leasing Team

Easy Onboarding

Knockbot can be deployed with just a few lines of code and works for you 24/7/365.

Drive Prospects to Conversion

Knockbot advances prospects down the funnel by sharing pricing, availability, photos, leasing specials, maps and directions.

Focus on Your Best Prospects

Knockbot hands off more qualified prospects to leasing teams and can even schedule demos.

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