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How to Create a Strategic Multifamily Tech Stack That’s Right for You

How to Create a Strategic Multifamily Tech Stack The pandemic changed nearly everything, including the way multifamily property managers and owners view technology. It’s not enough to just have a system to log collected rents and tools to track lease renewals anymore. The best technology for property managers combines desired functionality with integrations, automation, and...
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How apartment marketers exceed resident and onsite operational goals with “first mile marketing” (and Knock)

By: Paul Bergeron Authenticity, innovation, and collaboration, and how they apply to customer relationship management (CRM), website redevelopment, and peer-to-peer marketing was the focus for an AIM Reconnect Conference panel discussion of wide-ranging topics under “first-mile marketing”.   The webinar included Sarah Gencarella, Director of Marketing, Olympus Property; Amy Johnson, Director of Marketing and Sales...
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4 steps to take now to prepare for a crisis: How proptech can help your emergency preparedness plan

4 steps to take now to prepare for a crisis: How proptech can help your emergency preparedness plan By: Lauren Neal, Senior Training and Support Specialist, Knock CRM You never know when a crisis will hit and how severely it will affect your day-to-day operations or your residents. You do know that today is as...
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Knock Talk: Episode 21 – Multifamily Trends and Data with ALN’s Jordan Brooks

  What does summer have in store for rents, occupancy, concessions, and more? Jordan Brooks, senior market analyst with ALN Apartment Data, shares the stories behind the data and the trends in our latest episode of Knock Talk, hosted by Knock’s Lucas Bourgeois. Episode Highlights  Why is data so important for apartment managers?   How should...
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Building a high-performing leasing team

Building a high-performing leasing team By: Leah Feldman, customer success manager @ Knock CRM With a mix of easy-to-use data and automation, your leasing agents will have what it takes to take on the changing leasing market. Leasing agents are crucial to your bottom line. They’re on the front lines of your business and are...
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Knock welcomes Rentgrata to partnership ecosystem

We are excited to announce our latest partnership, and welcome Rentgrata to our partnership ecosystem! We focus on partnering with best in breed technology to provide customers with an exceptional experience. Partnering with Rentgrata allows our shared clients a seamless way to add additional referral conversions through the most flexible and customizable CRM in the...
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