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Why You’ve Been Giving Performance Feedback Wrong (And How to Do It the Right Way)

By Meg Cressey, copywriter @ Knock® Have you ever struggled to advocate for your professional goals? Or have you ever had an experience where you didn’t know what to do with the feedback you received in a performance review? You aren’t alone. In honor of employee review season, Nichole Oswald from RPM Living stopped by...
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multifamily efficiency

Multifamily, We Have an Efficiency Problem (Part 2/3)

As we addressed in Part 1 of this three-part series…multifamily, we have an efficiency problem. With 6x the number of leads coming in as compared to two years ago, we’ve moved past the old debate of “traffic or teams.” The problem we face has less to do with one side or the other, and more...
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Helping Prospects Tour On Their Time, Their Way

By Leah Feldman, product marketing specialist @Knock® Prospects are more educated than ever before. Chances are they know everything there is to know about your community before they even schedule a tour. And increasingly, prospects are wanting to self-schedule their apartment tours. In multifamily, it takes about 14 different marketing touchpoints before potential renters will...
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multifamily micro-influencers

How to Drive Referrals with Micro-Influencers

It’s the end of an era: Organic reach is shrinking on social channels. As a result, brands need to rely on other ways to amplify their marketing campaigns and build credibility. Research has shown that prospects tend to trust personal referrals over brand claims. This is especially powerful for multifamily, where one of the most...
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multifamily customer experience

How a Multifamily CRM Improves Customer Experience

Technology and the pandemic have changed the way consumers interact with businesses, including multifamily property management companies. Today, consumers expect a top-of-the-line customer experience. Not only can they communicate with you by phone, text, email, chat, video, and in person, but they’ve come to expect that when they do reach out, you’ll be as responsive,...
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multifamily efficiency

Multifamily, We Have an Efficiency Problem (Part 1/3)

If you’re a multifamily marketer, you’ve likely heard a property manager or two (or 300) say, “We’re not getting enough leads.” And if you’re a property manager, you no doubt have heard your marketers tell you, “You’re just not following up with them quickly enough.” Whether it’s complaints to marketing about traffic volume or complaints...
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