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Knock, the multifamily CRM, raises $20M to bring PropTech advancements to the industry

We’re so excited to announce a new $20 million investment into Knock led by Fifth Wall, the largest venture capital firm focused on the global real estate industry and the clear in leader proptech investing.     Our company mission is simple: to enable successful communities through innovative technology and superior customer service.  This new...
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Edgewood and Vantage Management creates efficiencies with Knock CRM’s real-time data

Edgewood and Vantage Management is an “extremely data-driven” third-party property manager.  With nearly 40 investor/owner clients, 150+ properties and 25,000+ units, consistent and accurate reporting and forecasting are vital to the company’s success.  However, quality reporting and forecasting can be hard to come by – even in the best of times. In the post-COVID era,...
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Knock Talk: Ep. 19 – The empowerment of a diverse and inclusive workplace

In this episode Knock VPs Steve Wunch and Alycia Anderson talk about how multifamily firms can better embrace disability in their diversity, inclusivity and belonging efforts. Alycia is also a professional speaker and inclusion consultant, and lends her expertise on this subject to this conversation.     Episode Highlights What is the role of disability in...
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Knock Talk: Ep. 18 – How to foster collaboration across teams and organizations

Why have we as an industry always seemed to focus our career pathway training in a manner that tends to push our team members into professional silos? While this practice may seem essential to helping one master their specific departmental craft, it pushes professionals towards developing professional tunnel vision. How does this help their ability...
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Knock Talk: Ep. 17 – Lessons from the Field: How to Meet Customer Needs & Optimize Leasing During a Crisis

Regardless of an economic or environmental crisis, housing will always remain essential. Now more than ever, onsite leasing teams and multifamily operators are responsible for offering housing that is safe, while also feeling pressure to run a business and deliver results. But how, during chaos or crisis – pandemic, weather, fire or something else entirely...
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Knock Talk: Ep. 16 – How to get the most out of your partnerships – the good, the bad, and the innovation

Whether it’s cross departmental, with an investor or with a third party service provider, the multifamily industry thrives when partnerships are transparent and strong. In this episode, multifamily veteran and Knock vice president of strategic accounts, Lucas Bourgeois talks with First Communities’ Senior Vice President of Marketing, Samantha Hoard and Jenn Brown, marketing and operations...
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