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Magnolia Capital lands 35% for lead-to-tour conversion—with Knock

We are always thrilled to sit down with our customers and learn more about how Knock has improved their leasing performance! On this installment of Knock Talk we sat down with Marketing Manager, Mary Beth Thede of Magnolia Capital and discussed what sets us apart from other CRMs, and how Knock delivers unparalleled insights into...
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NAA Apartmentalize 2019 Highlights

The Knock team just returned from the NAA Apartmentalize conference in Denver, the largest trade show in multifamily. Multifamily property managers and vendors came together with inspiring energy that made this is truly a “can’t miss” event. As the leading CRM in multifamily, we tend to focus our attention on how the industry is applying...
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Paid Social: Important Numbers for Multifamily Marketers

Any multifamily marketer using social media advertising should be measuring performance to optimize results. This may be the trickiest step to achieving localized social success. According to data from the 2018 SOCi annual client survey (and discussed in this report), an estimated 46 percent of marketers rank measuring ROI from social as a top challenge. ...
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SEO for Multifamily Property Managers: A Simple Primer

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. The trouble is, the pool of SEO expertise is deep and wide. For the uninitiated, it’s hard to know where to begin. Rather than throw you into the deep end, we’ve chosen to write up this simple primer. You won’t learn everything there is to know about...
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Facebook Ads for Every Step of the Sales Funnel

When developing a Facebook ad campaign, it’s helpful to place your target audience into three stages; those that aren’t yet aware of your property, those that are considering your property along with competitor properties, and those that are ready to make the decision to apply for a lease — or convert. Using Facebook’s Ad Objectives,...
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Perfecting the Multifamily Customer Experience

Personalized services, on-demand delivery, and one-click purchasing are changing the ways customers interact with brands and their expectations, but what do these experiences have in common? They put customer need at the center of the experience design with the goal of delivering premium, differentiated service. As customers become increasingly more accustomed to the likes of...
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